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Caramelized Chocolate Chip

toffee-like brown butter, chocolate, sea salt


Double Chocolate

dark cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, sea salt


Ondeh Ondeh (pandan, grated coconut, palm sugar)

fragrant vanilla-y pandan, shredded coconut, rich palm sugar


White Rabbit

creamy vanilla, sweet condensed milk, a wisp of rice-paper


Brown Sugar Milk Tea

milky black and rooibos teas, caramelized “blonde” white chocolate


Vegan + “Low Gluten” Hazelnut Chocolate Chip

toasted hazelnuts, semisweet chocolate


Vegan + “Low Gluten” Acorn Cookies

Gently spiced vegan & low-gluten cookie made with acorn flour


Wolf in the Woods

black cocoa, bramble berries, tart cherry, anise oil



nutmeg & orange zest, homemade raspberry & strawberry jelly, a hint of brandy


Lavender London Fog

earl grey tea, creamy vanilla, lavender



roswater, raspberry, lychee


Matcha White Rabbit

matcha green tea, creamy matcha infused milk candy, a wisp of rice paper


COMING SOON : Singapore Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple tarts are a classic, traditional sweet in Singapore. The pineapple jam is the real star of the show, slow cooked the old fashioned way over 3+ hours, adorning buttery, puff pastry-like biscuits.