Products FAQ:

Q : What does “CookieTiam” mean?

A : “CookieTiam” is a play on words. The name comes from the Singaporean word “Kopitiam”, which means “coffee shop”.

Q : How do I purchase some cookies?
A : Each week a set number of “slots” or stock will be updated for the items. This is so we can manage how many batches to make at a time, insuring the freshest and most delicious cookies we can make you! If you see an item “out of stock”, don't worry! Follow our social media (@CookieTiam on Instagram and Twitter) to get updates on when new slots are dropped!

Q : Any recommendations for enjoying our cookies?

A : These cookies are fresh baked-to-order, and we recommend consuming them are early as possible so they are at their best! However, these cookies all freeze well, and are delicious when reheated for a short period in the microwave or oven. A warm cookie with a scoop of ice cream on the side is our personal favorite!

Q : Can you make gluten-free products?

A : Please refer to our page on allergies and dietary restrictions! We can do our best to accommodate certain dietary restrictions, however recommend exercising caution if your reaction is severe.

Q : Can you do custom orders / can you make ‘this product’?

A : Not at the moment, we have our hands full working on our current products!

Q : Do you use all organic / natural / etc. ingredients?

A : We source organic ingredients and use natural ingredients wherever possible! We are continuing to work on making as many ingredients as possible organic, natural, etc. We use organic flour, eggs, milk, and butter, use food or plant-based dyes in anything colorful we make from scratch, and in the future would love to work with regenerative farms and source the best ingredients we can get our hands on.

Q : Why are you so expensive?

A : We put -a lot- of time into our products. We try to make every element of our baked goods from scratch, including frostings, fillings, jams, etc. Many of these are made in traditional methods learned from their family members in Singapore, such as our pineapple jam, which takes us 3+ hours over the stove to create. Our standard chocolate chip cookies are a 4-day process alone! There is a whole lot of love in these cookies!

Q : Why is my cookie smaller / not as pretty / etc. than someone else’s / on the website / etc.?

A : Our products are hand made in small batches in a home kitchen from a self-taught baker. Though we do our best to make a consistent product, it isn’t possible to have all the products look exactly the same as one another like they would when made in a large scale factory. We do our best and weigh the cookies out so folks aren’t short changed! Our cookies are not going to look identical, but we hope that it adds a rustic, homemade charm to them!

Q : What is the shelf life of your products?

A : It depends on the product, as well as the surrounding humidity and temperatures. We recommend enjoying your cookies as soon as possible! Putting them in the fridge will extend their shelf life. Many of them also freeze well and taste delicious when reheated in the oven or microwave!

Q : Do you do bulk orders?

A : At the moment we do not take large bulk or wholesale orders.

Q : Do you do in-person pick-ups / deliveries?

A : Due to health concerns, we do not do in-person pick-ups or deliveries. We do vend at events occasionally!