Pre-Orders and Event Planning Info...

Are you wanting to place an order for a larger amount of baked goods for an event? Corporate gifts? Party planning? Please email us at and we can discuss!



- Please allow a minimum of two weeks from finalizing your order to prepare, pack, and deliver your baked goods!

- Shipping costs may be high for larger orders, but we are allowing local delivery with a fee depending on distance within the SoCal region!

- The maximum amount of boxes (half dozen size) we can commit to for one order is 50 6-pack boxes. These may be one flavor each, or a mix, and can be discussed at our discretion.

- Please note we reserve the right to say no if we feel an order may be challenging to fulfill due to time constraints and schedule changes.

- Pre-paying 2 weeks before the order is fulfilled is required, and we cannot offer refunds for these larger orders.


Please contact me about custom pre-orders by filling out the form below!

Title your email as "preorder"!

I will get back to you as soon as I'm able, but please allow one week to process your email! 

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