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This page has information on both our home made ingredients and components we make in-house, as well as brands of ingredients we work with. None of this is sponsored, and is made to be a resource for those who are curious about how certain recipe components are made, and other bakers looking for info on what brands other bakers use.




Pandan is an ingredient often used in SE asian cooking. It has a floral, nutty, vanilla-like scent and taste. Pandan is actually a member of the "screw pine" family, with vibrant green leaves that lend its color to a variety of desserts. It is commonly used when cooking rice, their leaves tied in a knot and boiled with jasmine rice and coconut milk to make a fragrant pot of rice. They are also frequently used in fluffy chiffon cakes and "kueh", which is a category of rice cakes usually eaten as desserts and snacks. If you like taro and ube, we urge you to try our pandan cookies! They have similar vanilla and earthy undertones. 


Pineapple Jam

Pineapple tarts are an old fashioned snack in Singapore, made in a variety of shapes to be sold at traditional bakeries. Though simple in its ingredients, pineapple jam is a labor of love, requiring a minimum of 3 hours of constant stirring to cook the pineapple down until it reaches a soft, jammy consistency. The pineapple jam we make in-house using traditional methods take a long time to make, but we think it is worth the time and effort to share this delicious, nostalgic treat with all of you!


Cocoa and Chocolate

We use high quality cocoa powder and chocolates from Valrhona and Guittard, some of the best you can get in the world! Professional pastry chefs have recommended these brands - it is very pricey chocolate, but we think it makes a big difference in our baking, and want to offer only the  best to our customers! 



Vanilla Paste

We use vanilla paste in place of vanilla extract. Vanilla paste has a thicker consistency, and a flavor that is more stable under heat. Rather than extract, which is alcohol-based, vanilla paste doesn't evaporate (along with much of the flavor) as easily. The vanilla paste is more concentrated than extract, and has the visual appeal of real flecks of vanilla seeds. 


King Arthur Flour

(coming soon!)